Bolivia Film Expedition ’14

GLP Films in Bolivia
Filming Dates: August 24 – September 6, 2014

GLP Films will produce 6+ films across Bolivia in partnership with the Institute for Advanced Development Studies (INESAD), National Geographic, and Columbia Sportswear. These films will cover diverse topics including sustainable forestry, environmental policy, conservation and natural resources, ecotourism, and adventure travel.

Film #1: Alternative Mechanism for Sustainable Forestry in Bolivia

Film Partner: IDRC and INESAD (@IDRC_CDRI and @DevRoast)
Timber_LykkeAndersenPhoto credit: Lykke Andersen

GLP will produce a short-film in partnership with leading local think tank, Institute for Advanced Development Studies (INESAD) to highlight the research being done in the area of sustainable forestry. Based in the city of La Paz, INESAD is working to enrich national policy through a mechanism that explores alternative sustainable development models at the intersection of economic, social and environmental issues, including ecotourism, conservation, and local enterprise.

Key Themes: Sustainable forestry, Conservation, Climate Change, Policy

Film #2: The World’s Most Dangerous Road

Film Partner: National Geographic (@NatGeo)
The World's Most Dangerous RoadPhoto credit: Lykke Andersen

Bolivia is home to the world’s most dangerous road, a larger-than-life fixture that’s played an important and tragic role in Bolivian history. From terrible accidents to key trade routes, and the sight of many a political execution, this short-film tells the rich history of the Camino de la Muerte from the perspective of those who know it all too well.

Key Themes: Bolivian History, Politics, Trade, Tourism, Adventure Travel

Film #3: The Salt Hotel

Film Partner: National Geographic (@NatGeo)
Salt Flats and the Salt HotelPhoto credit: Anders Nash

Set on the edge of the Uyuni Salt Flats, Hotel Luna Salada is a hotel made entirely of salt. This film takes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the engineering and resources that went into creating such a unique piece of architecture and explores the largely untapped lithium reserves that lie beneath this world wonder.

Key Themes: Travel, Tourism, Architecture, Natural Resources, Energy

Film #4: Piranha Fishing in the Amazon

Film Partner: Columbia Sportswear (@Columbia1938)
Piranha fishing in the AmazonPhoto credit: Lykke Andersen

Film #5: Kayaking the World’s Highest Navigable Lake

Film Partner: Columbia Sportswear (@Columbia1938)
Kayaking the world's highest navigable lakePhoto credit: Anders Nash

Film #6: 10 Essentials for High Altitude Adventure

Film Partner: Columbia Sportswear (@Columbia1938)
10 essentials for high altitude adventurePhoto credit: Anders Nash

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Key Partners

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Meet The Crew

Rob Holmes Rob Holmes
Producer / Director
Matt Weatherly Matt Weatherly
Elivia Shaw Elivia Shaw
Associate Producer
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Production Manager
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Sound Mixer
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