Boston Film Premiere

amazing-things-imageMonday, Nov 25th  |  7pm

For the first time and for one night only, GLP Films comes to the Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham, MA to showcase our latest award-winning short-films from around the globe. 

From the Congo and Uganda in Africa to the cities of Chicago and Salt Lake City, GLP will screen a collection of six new shorts from across Africa and the US. These exciting new films will focus on hot topics including urban food, adventure and sustainable travel, wildlife conservation, community education, community empowerment, and much more. This is a great multi-media event for the entire family!

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Featured Films:

EnashivaFilm #1: Enashiva – Tanzania

Enashiva Nature Refuge, in the Loliondo area east of Serengeti National Park, is a groundbreaking model for community-based tourism in Tanzania.  Thomson Safaris, a Boston-based tour operator, manages this 12,600-acre site and works side-by-side with local Maasai communities to safeguard the wildlife and restore critical habitat.

Working BikesFilm #2: Working Bikes Cooperative – Chicago, Illinois

Working Bikes, a small volunteer organization in the heart of Chicago, is redistributing donated and landfill-bound bicycles to empower individuals and communities. The promotion of cycling as a healthy, affordable, and sustainable mode of transport is helping to rebuild the fabric of transportation not just locally, but worldwide.

JavonFilm #3: Angelic Organics Learning Center – Rockford & Caledonia, Illinois

Angelic Organics Learning Center is dedicated to revitalizing the local food system. The organization offers opportunities to grow healthy food, connect youth with the land, and learn agricultural and leadership skills through their programs at partner farms and urban growing sites in northern Illinois.


OkapiFilm #4: Okapi Conservation Project – Epulu Station, DR Congo

The Okapi Conservation Project works to safeguard the biodiversity and culture of the Ituri Forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the most biologically diverse countries in Africa. By engaging local communities in conservation teachings and the sustainable use of natural resources, illegal activities like poaching, mining, and logging are becoming less prevalent.  These efforts also seek to ensure the survival of one of the regions most unique and endemic species the okapi.

UNITEFilm #5: UNITE for the Environment – Kibale National Park, Uganda

UNITE is a call-to-action for conservation education in the classroom.  Initiated in 2002 and funded by North Carolina Zoo, the program is connecting educators with innovative conservation curriculum for primary school children near Kibale National Park in Uganda.


New RootsFilm #6: IRC New Roots – Salt Lake City, Utah

New Roots is a partnership between the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Salt Lake County that seeks to build strong, healthy, engaging refugee communities through the development of small scale, urban farms and community gardens in Salt Lake City. New Roots is helping shed light on important issues like food access, subsistence farming, and the urban challenges that come with refugee resettlement across America.

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