DRC anyone?

Our next filming location is by far the most remote.  Deceptively close on paper, it takes three separate flights to make the jump.  Final destination: Epulu Station in the Okapi Forest Reserve – the heart of the Ituri Forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Okapi Wildlife Reserve (OWR) was established in 1993 with the intent to protect the biodiversity and culture of the forest.  It’s located in the northeastern corner of the country and encompasses 13,769 sq kilometers (that’s two Yellowstone National Parks!).

From the air, the forest looks impenetrable.  Many would argue that’s exactly the case. The Reserve is only intersected by a main dirt road and a few river systems. There are clusters of trees as far as the eye can see – big, fat broccoli tops of various size and color.  This rainforest is some of the most biologically diverse in all of equatorial Africa.  Welcome to the jungle.

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