Ecuador Earthquake: The Best Way to Help Ecuador

Following the 7.8 earthquake near the northwest coast of Ecuador, a united tourism industry wants to make clear that Ecuador is back in business!


“For every foreign visitor, up to seven jobs are created. Now, more than ever, we need to open our doors, lay out a welcome mat, and enthusiastically promote all Ecuador has to offer.  The best way to help Ecuador is to visit Ecuador.”  – Mayor of Quito, Mauricio Rodas

Check out the beauty of Ecuador via GLP’s “Best of Ecuador” film below:



Equilibrio Azul
“To all our friends and past volunteers that have sent messages worried about the earthquake, we want to tell you that we are all OK. The event was really strong in both Puerto Lopez and Portete but nothing happened to any of us. Our Research Center in Portete did suffer physical damages that we are evaluating and when possible will have to rebuild. But our main worry right now is for the local community which are in a serious situation, living in shelters outside the island for fear of possible future events. We are consulting with them and evaluating the best way to help.  We will soon get in touch with all of you to ask for your aid for these people.”
– Felipe Vallejo, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Equilibrio Azul

Follow Equilibrio Azul for breaking news and updates on how you can help.


Yachana Lodge
“Yachana is partnered with Global Giving to help bring aid to the coastal region of Ecuador after the recent earthquake. Yachana in conjunction with National Organization of Tradesmen (NOT) will provide training for youth from the affected areas of the earthquake. In turn, these youths can return to the coast and help with rebuilding the infrastructure for housing in the area. Yachana will help to provide basic training in construction skills: masonry, carpentry, and electricity that can be used in the restoration of the damaged areas.”
– Douglas McMeekin, Executive Director of Yachana Foundation

Support Yachana Foundation’s Global Giving Campaign.


Tierra del Volcan
“We thank for your concerns and messages. We want to inform you that we are safe and open and none of our facilities have been affected by the earthquake.  Our prayers and condolences to the people affected by this catastrophe. Tierra del Volcán aid has been already delivered through the local authorities.”
– Jorge Pérez, General Manager of Tierra del Volcán


Maquipucuna Foundation
“The earthquake-prone country suffered one of its worst natural disasters in decades, but the main tourist destinations remain largely unaffected, including the Maquipucuna & Mindo jungles and cloud-forests on the Andean slopes.”
– Rodrigo Ontaneda Hidalgo, President at Maquipucuna Foundation

Visit Ecuador Ministry of Tourism for the most up to date information on travel to Ecuador.


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