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green-educationGLP is excited to launch our new School Assembly Program!  After three years of working with schools and communities around the country through our popular Mobile Tour, the new School Assembly Program adds a local component to our school presentation services.  Located in major cities around the U.S., GLP Ambassadors serve as a local sustainability resource, educator, and presenter as they bring GLP’s award-winning films and global sustainability stories into schools through a standards-aligned, multimedia presentation.

AmbassadorMapThe presentation, “Appetite for Adventure: Exploring Global Food Sustainability” is available for K-12 schools, colleges, and community events.  Students experience international cultures, witness the efforts towards more sustainable food systems, and learn how they can take action towards sustainability in their own community.

We strive to make this is more than your average school assembly.  Our goal for the School Assembly Program is to create lasting relationships with schools and their communities, ultimately connecting students to sustainability efforts they can get involved with beyond the presentation.  GLP Ambassadors serve as valuable resource to help you continue sustainability education in the classroom by connecting to on-going sustainability resources, events, and opportunities in your community.  Join us in the adventure of inspiring change through education.


Assembly Details:

Appetite for Adventure:  Exploring Global Food Sustainability

The one-hour assembly, Appetite for Adventure: Exploring Global Food Sustainability, includes a multimedia presentation with GLP’s award-winning films and photography, a host of giveaways from our program partners, and on-going opportunities to take action at the local level beyond GLP’s school visit.

– Standards aligned content
– HD video and high quality photography
– Narration and Q & A provided by GLP Ambassador
– Access to GLP’s free sustainability curriculum
– On-going student engagement opportunities beyond the presentation (events, volunteer opportunities, field trips, etc.)

Featured Films:

JavonAngelic Organics – Rockford, IL

Angelic Organics Learning Center is an urban farming initiative that helps urban and rural people build local food systems and offers opportunities to grow healthy food and a better quality of life, to connect with farmers and the land and to learn agricultural and leadership skills.


JavonSemilla Nueva – Guatemala

Semilla Nueva is a sustainable agriculture development organization that fosters environmental and social stewardship in the rural farming communities of Guatemala. Semilla Nueva teaches Guatemalan farmers who in turn train their own and neighboring communities, ultimately building a self-sustaining and supportive network of informed farmers.

Fairtrade-AfricaFairtrade Africa – Tanzania, Africa

Fairtrade Africa is the independent non-profit umbrella organization representing all Fairtrade certified producers in Africa. This film will introduce the many benefits of fairtrade organic production, including the producer’s improved socio-economic and trading conditions, benefits to the environment, and the important role consumers play in their purchasing decisions.


“That was one of the best presentations we’ve ever seen here.  Friendly, engaging speakers with powerful images and videos!”                                            Greg Bueker, teacher at Westside Village Magnet School in Bend, OR

Green Living Project inspires, educates, and empowers people to make a difference through the telling and sharing of powerful stories. This approach connects with today’s young people and ignites their passion for being a part of positive change.  Green Living Project is on the cutting edge of marketing and promotion. It is a privilege to share their expertise with students to see what’s possible.”                                                                     Bonni Stachowiak, Associate Professor at Vanguard University

The presentation at Mills College was very inspirational.  Thank you Green Living Project!”                                                                                                                 Ruby Woods, Mills College English student

For the Press:

Download the School Assembly Program Media Kit for the official press release, overview and imagery for the program.

Join the Team:

Interested in becoming a GLP Ambassador for your area?  We’re looking for passionate informal and formal educators with experience in sustainability education, to help bring our multimedia presentation to local communities throughout the U.S.  Check out the Ambassador (Educator) job description, and email us your cover letter and resume to apply.



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