Resources & Tips

For Students — Resources to Create Your Film!


1. Download the GLP Films logo to insert at the end of your film: GLP Films Logo

2. Download and complete the required Student Agreement and Participation form (aka Media Release form). This form must be signed and completed for submission to be considered.  Please download, print, sign, scan and return to us at

3. Need help getting started with your film?  Download the Director’s Worksheet (lesson plan) to help you get started!  Lesson plan includes step by step questions any filmmaker should consider when starting their next project, along with a production plan template to help organize your film project.

4. For additional storytelling guidelines, read our blog on Storytelling for Sustainability: How to Tell a Great Story.

Tips for Great Storytelling:

RESEARCH: What matters to you?  Find a unique and compelling story that you personally connect with

CONTENT: Clearly and creatively explain the project or issue.  Text, narration, or music can be used to enhance your film.

SOURCES: Interview a variety of people involved with the subject.  This helps to reinforce your ideas and legitimize your film

ENGAGEMENT: Offer a way for viewers to get involved beyond the film, this empowers the viewer to further action!

Video Resources:

1. Behind the Scenes of Dirty Little Secret

2.  Best of Student Film Project


For Educators — Resources to Share with Your Students!

1. Download and print the Student Film Project flier to post in your classroom or email out to your school network.

2. Show your students the Student Film Project promotional video (2 min.) to inspire their own ideas for storytelling.

Student Film Project — Promo Reel

3.  Download and use the Director’s Worksheet lesson plan to bring storytelling into your classroom as a group or solo student project.

4.  For additional filmmaking tips, see the Young Reporters for the Environment Videographers Handbook.  Keep in mind the rules are different for the Young Reporters for the Environment contest, but there are still great tips in this resource.  Remember, films submitted by the early deadline of March 14 that are under 3 minutes in length and documentary/reporter style will also be submitted to the YRE contest.

Contact for questions regarding submissions, rules, resources or other concerns.