Event Marketing Styling Test

We know events.

Since 2008, we have put on over 400 custom events around the globe. Whoa, that’s a lot.

Our unique event marketing work began with our founder traveling across the United States to showcase our latest films. He was presenting in all kinds of venues, ranging from retail stores and school to aquariums, zoos, and film festivals. The venues were packed and the response overwhelmingly positive. It confirmed that GLP’s unique event marketing work was very effective for film partners.

These days, our Event Marketing Team is full-service. They manage all aspects of each event – logistics, equipment, catering, media outreach, VIP outreach, marketing, promotional, advertising, sponsors, prize packages, and more. Yup, we’ve got you covered!

GLP offers the following event marketing services:

  1. Custom Film Premiere Events:

    • Popular events feature a customized short-film showcase of GLP’s latest short-films from around the globe
    • Full-service amenities would be provided
  1. Premium VIP Receptions

    • Exclusive high-end events catering to the premium market
    • Popular with corporate events, fundraisers, annual galas, and more
  1. Custom Road Show Campaigns

    • Custom marketing campaign to showcase Partner films
    • Wide range of venue options for the North American market
  1. Ambassador Program

    • Ambassador Team puts on custom events in major cities across USA
    • Cities include Seattle (WA), Portland (OR), Los Angeles (CA), Scottsdale (AZ), Chicago (IL), Washington DC, Asheville (NC), Portland (ME), Hawaiian islands, and more
    • Expertise in school assemblies and community events
    • Rotating topics/themes – check our Ambassador Program page for current presentation topics and more information
  1. Film Festivals

    • Over 20 films selected by top-tier Film Festivals
    • Partner films are submitted to Film Festivals each year

Check out our Monterey Video for an idea of what we’re capable of! You won’t regret it! It’ll be time well spent.

Check out our Chicago event video!