CARE SEED Project: Innovative Poverty Relief


GLP visits CARE’s SEED (Sustainable and Effective Economic Development) program in Mozambique, offering innovative approaches to poverty relief that are built beyond the beneficiary / recipient structure of historic aid organizations. SEED projects are designed instead to train and sustain, continually benefitting communities long after CARE has moved on to assist others.

Some projects include:
– The Paravet Program: Combines paramedic + veterinarian skills that provide vocational training which create new income-generating roles that service rural livestock keepers.
– Partnerships with Basket Weaving Groups: Create and market handicrafts made from renewable materials.
– VSLA (Village Savings and Loans): Simple, accessible, highly effective collective investment partnerships based on shared goals and community that provide rural Africans the means to accumulate personal savings, pay for medical expenses, and start their own businesses.