India Film Expedition ’14

GLP Films in India – Filming Dates: May 12-19, 2014

GLP Films will produce two films across India in partnership with leading global and local partners including IDRC / Think Tank Initiative, CSTEP India, and National Geographic.

Film #1: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Across India

Film Partner: IDRC & CRES (@IDRC_CDRI)tobacco-film
GLP has partnered with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and leading think tank, Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP), to produce a short-film about India’s energy efficiency, and renewable energy policies. This film will explore India’s flagship government energy efficiency initiative, the development of the promising wind energy sector, and leading research and development of solar energy to achieve India’s national mission to integrate solar power throughout the country.

Key Themes: clean and renewable energy, energy policy

Film #2: Sulabh Museum of Toilets

Film Partner: National Geographic (@NatGeo)pink-film

A definite winner on the list of the world’s most bizarre museums, the Sulabh Museum in New Delhi documents the historical rise of the modern toilet including highlights like a toilet that burns excrement into ash, a toilet disguised as a pile of books, and a replica toilet throne for French King Lois XIV. This film, in partnership with National Geographic, will take a look at how this seemingly “quirky” tourist spot in New Delhi is really a reflection on some of the most serious sanitation and human rights facing India today. The lack of access to modern toilets leads to the death of about half a million children every year.

Key Themes: sanitation, waste, human rights

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Meet The Crew

robholmes wp_matt
Rob Holmes
Producer / Director
Matt Weatherly Videographer/Editor
elivia-shaw jenny-ersbak
Elivia Shaw
Associate Producer
Jenny Ersbak
Production Manager
Chris Cella
Sound Mixer
Chris Low