Celebrating National Coffee Day: Grounded in Sustainability

Have you been getting enough green beans?  Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the jolly green vegetable, but rather “green” or sustainably sourced coffee in your morning latte.  In celebration of National Coffee Day, we thought we’d spotlight three caffeinated organizations from our collection of film partners.  Thanks to these organizations, we can honestly say we’ve witnessed first-hand what goes into a truly perfect, sustainably-sourced cup of joe.

Fairtrade Africa

Fairtrade Africa is making sure African coffee bean farmers earn a fair income for helping homes around the world brew the perfect cup of coffee. We visited Fairtrade Africa and experienced how they work in the interest of farmers and fair trade-certified producers throughout Africa, helping them to connect to consumers worldwide.

Their unique partnership with Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union (KNCU) coffee farmers, on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, has resulted in community development projects that empower and truly make a positive difference in the local community.

Fairtrade Africa makes a significant impact in the lives of farmers. Through fair trade, families earn enough money to give their children an education, obtain medical care, and live their lives with dignity.

Finca Argovia

Located in Mexico, Finca Argovia is a unique, organic, self-sustaining farm specializing in world-class organic coffee. They’re on a mission to get “back to basics” in order to produce delicious, organic coffee. When they’re not producing incredible coffee, they’re leading initiatives in community development, eco-conservation, and agro-tourism. Their aim is to foster appreciation for the unique environment needed to grow coffee and to produce this coffee in the most ecologically responsible manner possible. And the landscape is indeed beautiful with its rivers, unique architecture, and interesting mixture of European culture and Indian Tradition. The combination of all of these features results in an extraordinary resort located in the Sierra Madre of Chiapas.


Four years ago, the GLP team visited SPREAD, a coalition improving the lives of Rwandans through the ever-treasured coffee bean.

SPREAD is a USAID-funded development alliance of institutes, industries and NGOs, that have realized the potential for Rwandan coffee to become a powerful economic driver for a recovering nation. They see the potential for this widely produced crop to demand top dollar when a premium product is consistently delivered to market.

Rwandan coffee has served as economic salvation for impoverished residents. They’ve managed to produce a premium product that can indeed demand a premium price on the international coffee market, thanks to their commitment to quality control, coffee producer education, support, and marketing. SPREAD helped create coffee washing stations and assisted in bringing over 1,000 coffee cargo bikes to Rwanda, helping farmers carry larger payloads to washing stations while improving product quality. SPREAD’s work ensures that farmers receive optimal payment for their harvests, improving the farmers’ lives through better cups o’ joe.

Next time you’re at the café, we encourage you to take a few seconds to learn a bit more about the coffee on offer. Look for it’s origins, information about the producers, and the fair trade label. Take it from us, you can truly taste the difference.

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