Introducing “A Life Inspired” Series: Character-Driven Storytelling Connects to the Heart of a Brand

As part of LifeStraw’s new “A Life Inspired” series, we’re proud to introduce “Give and Take,” a character-driven narrative that follows adventurer Bill Yeo, who for the past 20+ years has explored some of the world’s most remote and wild places in pursuit of the next adrenaline rush. The strategy for this first short-film was to convey LifeStraw’s “give-back” mission through an engaging, relatable, and inspiring character who is truly walking the talk.

The Character: Bill Yeo

29478831583_dac3f7f19d_oBill Yeo is a mountaineer, adventurer, husband, father, and off-the-grid connoisseur who has traded a life of thrill-seeking for a more simplified existence. Planting roots in rural Maine, he is dedicated to creating change in his community, a focus equally near-and-dear to LifeStraw’s mission. Although Bill is no longer scaling the peaks of Nepal or biking across the South American continent, his adventurous spirit never quits. Today, Bill stays close to nature by preaching environmental advocacy, paring down his possessions, and inspiring local youth to reap the physical and spiritual rewards that come from participation in the outdoors.

The Strategy: Character-Driven Storytelling

Bill’s adventurous past and philanthropic present perfectly parallel LifeStraw’s cause marketing and outdoor ethos. Their line of gravity powered water purification products, like the LifeStraw Go featured in this short-film, are fueling adventures and changing lives. Instead of producing a commercial about LifeStraw and their mission to drive sustainable access to safe drinking water in as many countries around the world as they can (64 already!), we partnered with LifeStraw to produce a story-based, character-driven film that inspires and conveys the same message — adventurous pursuits and giving back can, and do, go hand in hand. As Bill Yeo takes the lessons learned from his life of daring adventures and applies them to giving back locally to his  community, LifeStraw takes its passion for adventure and change-making through their Follow the Liters Program. This short-film is both a message and an invitation to live a life inspired and become an active part of the solution, like Bill and any conscious consumer with a bent for giving back.

Stay tuned for the next film in our “A Life Inspired” series in partnership with LifeStraw. In the meantime, learn more about LifeStraw’s life-saving water filtration systems at

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