Peru Film Expedition ’15

Filming Dates: August 14-29, 2015

GLP Films is producing 7 new films across Peru in partnership with leading global and local organizations, including Mountain Lodges of Peru, Inkaterra, National Geographic, Explorandes, and others.  From Lima to Cusco to Machu Picchu, these films will cover diverse stories and themes, including culinary tourism, urban food, adventure travel, wildlife conservation, sustainable tourism, women empowerment, and more.

This expedition kicks off GLP’s new “Destination Storytelling” initiative, a program spotlighting destinations and travel brands at the forefront of sustainable tourism.  Follow this inaugural project and all of GLP’s adventures in Peru via #destinationstorytelling.

Film #1: Ancient Foods, Modern Cuisine

Film Partner: Mitsuharu Tsumura (@Mitsuharu_maido)

Photo credit: Maido

Meet Mitsuharu Tsumura, a Peruvian chef and leading ambassador of Nikkei cuisine.  His top-ranked restaurant, Maido, in Lima’s traditional Miraflores district, is taking Japanese influence on Peruvian gastronomy to a whole new level.  Learn about the historical and cultural roots of Nikkei cuisine — a style of food that was born around 50 years ago when Japanese immigrants began combining traditional techniques and ingredients with Peruvian styles of cooking.  Embark on a culinary discovery with Tsumura as he attempts to merge the culinary traditions of two ancient civilizations — Japan and Peru — and boost Nikkei into the mainstream.

Key Themes: Food, Gastronomy, Culture

Film #2: Lima’s Best Ceviche Restaurant isn’t a Restaurant

Film Partner: Lima Tasty Tours (@LimaTasty)

Photo credit: Jenny Ersbak / Arturo Rojas

This film takes you inside a favorite Lima eatery, off-the-grid and unknown to tourists, in the not-so-well-known district of Chorillos.  Discover Chorrillos’ authentic Peruvian coastal cuisine, including its famous ceviche, from one of its most respected residents — Tia Julia.  The wife of a fisherman, Julia is 80 years old.  With her 5 grown children, she oversees a no-fuss “cevicheria” restaurant out of her home. See why La Tia Julia is a hidden gem of Chorrillos and set to become a staple of Lima’s underground food movement.

Key Themes: Food/Culinary, Food Travel

Film #3: Best of Cusco: Authentic Food Experiences

Film Partner: Explorandes (@ExplorandesPeru), Ayni Peru (@AyniPeruExpedition)
Photo credit: Julianna Deutscher

Take a bite out of Cusco in this food-centric film about the authentic dining experiences available in the former imperial city of the Incas and “navel of the world.” From partaking in the traditional Andean pachamanca meal to dining in a women-owned homestyle restaurant, the low-key, yet Peruvian culinary delights of Cusco are endless. We’ll gather around the dinner table with locals as they share what they know about Cusco’s up-and-coming food scene and explore Cusco’s food story, rich with tradition and dripping with authenticity.

Key Themes: Food/Culinary, Culture, Food Travel

Film #4: Empowering Women Through Adventure Travel

Film Partner: Explorandes (@ExplorandesPeru), Ayni Peru (@AyniPeruExpedition), Apus Peru (@ApusPeru)

Photo credit: Mountain Lodges of Peru

Peru’s adventure travel industry has traditionally been dominated by men but a few enterprising women are pioneering the way forward for women in the industry. Meet Selia, owner and chef of Seledonia’s Mesa restaurant, and Mayra, an entrepreneurial adventure guide in Cusco. These two women are shaking up the adventure tourism scene in Peru and shattering outdated gender stereotypes while they redefine the traditional roles of women.

Key Themes: Women Empowerment, Culture

Film #5: Reinventing the Route to Machu Picchu

Film Partner: Mountain Lodges of Peru (@Experience_MLP)
Photo credit: Mountain Lodges of Peru

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu gets all the acclaim, but an alternative route to the famed ruins is reinventing the trekking game. Enter the Salkantay Trek. Connecting the region’s dynamic culture and communities, the trail follows an ancient and remote 500-year-old footpath where snowcapped mountains of the Cordillera Vilcabamba collide with lush tropical cloud forests of the Amazon basin, culminating at the world’s most famous hilltop citadel — Machu Picchu. This short-film spotlights the lesser-known trek, and reflects on the value (and rarity) of an authentic experience as you follow in the footsteps of the Incas with Mountain Lodges of Peru’s grueling 7-day Salkantay Trek.

Key Themes: Adventure, Culture/Heritage, Sustainable Tourism

Film #6: Celebrating 40 Years of Inkaterra

Film Partner: Inkaterra (@InkaterraHotels)

Inkaterra40Photo credit: Inkaterra Hotels

Celebrate 40 years of Inkaterra as a guardian of Peru’s sacred region of Machu Picchu.  Through the stories and characters of its most iconic properties, see how Inkaterra’s strong conservation and cultural ethos have made this organization a pioneer of ecotourism in Peru. Get to know the people that have been crucial to Inkaterra’s mission and philosophy, from its founder and staff, to members of the community.  Explore Inkaterra’s successful research and conservation projects, from the spectacled bear project to the world’s largest native orchid garden, and see how Inkaterra plans to continue its ecotourism legacy as a guardian of this important region.

Film #7: Meet The Real Paddington Bear

Film Partner: Inkaterra (@InkaterraHotels)

Photo credit: Inkaterra Hotels

Often linked to Paddington Bear, the lovable character from the popular children’s book series, who stowed away from Peru to England, the spectacled bear is critically endangered with an estimated 6,000 bears left in the wild. This film takes you on a private visit behind-the-scenes at the Spectacled Bears Rescue Center in Aguas Calientes to meet twin rescues, Kina and Josi, and learn how the Center is rehabilitating and reintroducing these bears back into the wild. See how wildlife tourism, research and education is changing the game for these famous Peruvian bears.

Key Themes: Wildlife Conservation, Sustainable Tourism

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