Senegal Film Expedition ’14

GLP Films in Senegal – Filming Dates: March 15-30, 2014

GLP Films is currently in post-production for 5+ short-films we produced across Senegal (West Africa) in partnership with leading global and local partners including IDRC / Think Tank Initiative, CRES, National Geographic, Senegal Ministry of Tourism and Columbia Sportswear.  Special thanks to Africa Travel Association, Chef Pierre Thiam, Diallo Tours, and the Senegal Ministry of Tourism for their collaboration in-country. 

Film #1: Tobacco Consumption
across West Africa

Film Partner: IDRC & CRES (@IDRC_CDRI)tobacco-film
In Dakar, GLP partnered with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and leading think tank, Consortium pour la Recherche Économique et Sociale (CRES), to produce a short-film about reforms to tobacco taxation and the fight to curb the disturbing trend of tobacco consumption among the youngest and poorest populations across West Africa.

Key Themes: Public Health, Community Advocacy/Awareness

Film #2: The Pink Lake

Film Partner: National Geographic (@NatGeo)pink-film
Lake Retba, just outside of Dakar, Senegal, is one of the most unique bodies of water in the world. Known for its salt industry, the lake maintains a rose color because of Dunaliella salina bacteria, which produces a red pigment in order to absorb sunlight. This film dives into the lives of the salt collectors who spend their days collecting the lake’s valuable pink salt, and explore the local salt industry and how it shapes Senegalese cuisine and the livelihoods of this community.

Key Themes: Adventure Travel, Culture, Environment

Film #3: Fonio – The Key to Solving
the Global Food Crisis?

Film Partner: National Geographic (@NatGeo)fonio-film
Fonio is an ancient grain that has the benefits of being delicious, gluten-free, protein rich, and guaranteed organic (since it dies with fertilizers). It has been cultivated for over 5,000 years throughout West Africa, but today in much of West Africa, fonio and other local crops are undervalued. GLP documented the story of a new movement that is beginning to bring crops like fonio to the forefront of local economies, not only to create jobs, but also to fight drought, food insecurity, and famine in the face of the ever-expanding global population.

Key themes: Food Security, Economic Development

Film # 4: Adventure & Food Travel in Senegal

Film Partners: Senegal Ministry of Tourism & Chef Pierre Thiam (@chefpierrethiam)camel
GLP partnered with the Senegal Ministry of Tourism and leading local inbound tour operator Diallo Tours to explore Senegal’s hidden tourism and culinary treasures. Locations included the Sine-Saloum Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stunning coastal villages of La Petite Cote (“The Little Coast”) and an exploration of Senegalese cuisine and culture through the eyes of world-renowned chef, Pierre Thiam.

Key themes: Food Travel, Culture/Heritage, Adventure Travel

Film #5: Series of Short-Films for Columbia Sportswear

Film Partner: Columbia Sportswear (@columbia1938)hiking
In partnership with Columbia Sportswear, GLP is producing several short-films encouraging outdoor recreation and adventure travel, utilizing the expedition experience to share insight and expertise relevant to the adventure enthusiast.

Key themes: Adventure Travel, Outdoor Recreation

For more information about GLP’s upcoming film production work, view the official Press Release – GLP Announces 2014 Film Schedule.


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