World Habitat Day 2013

world habitat day

Today we’re celebrating World Habitat Day 2013, and the United Nations has announced that this year’s theme is “Urban Mobility.”

Why urban mobility? It’s important to encourage cities to shift towards more sustainable modes of transportation like trains, buses, bikes, and walking, while also ensuring that residents can easily access the goods and services they need.

As Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon noted in his message on today’s World Habitat Day  2013:

“People need to be able to get to work, school, hospitals and places of recreation safely and quickly. Getting mobility right can regenerate urban centers, boost productivity and make a city attractive for all users – from investors to visitors and residents. On this World Habitat Day let us commit to making our cities and towns accessible to all.”

Learn more about this year’s theme of urban mobility on the UN website.

To celebrate, we’re showcasing some of our favorite films on urban mobility.

Working Bikes Cooperative

This Chicago based cooperative redistributes discarded and donated bicycles across the globe to communities in need. Bikes that would otherwise sit in landfills are sent to areas like Nicaragua, where bikes are key in navigating unpaved roads and rough terrain.

BENN: Pedaling to Empower

The Bicycle Empowerment Network in Nambia (BENN) empowers disadvantaged Namibians by promoting cycling as a healthy, affordable, sustainable and dignified means of transport and providing bicycle-related income generation opportunities.

How are you celebrating World Habitat Day today? Let us know in the comments!

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